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welcome to abumidian's place!

Peace to the huts, war to the palaces!

An Israeli recently arrives at London's Heathrow airport. As he
fills out a form, the customs officer asks him: "Occupation?"

The Israeli promptly replies: "No, just visiting!"


Elie Wiesel and other gods in Haute-Normandy


why “abumidian”?

A friend wanted me to listen to Chris Hedges,
explaining what it all is about,
there in Gaza.
I said:
why do you think, i have 5 minutes to listen?
I'm in a run.
I have to save myself.
I have to save my family.
I have to fight my enemies.
Shame and Guilt.
I have to bury the deads.
I have to cover my wounds.
I have to reload my weapons.
Shame and Guilt.
I have to clear my eyes from the blood all over.

Perhaps, if i took these 5 minutes, i would live now.



Galilee Bedouin face house demolitions

American Academics Join Israeli Colleagues In Warning Against Ethnic Cleansing:  Professors of conscienceGenerally, I am not part of BDS. But when I read this:

I immediately wrote to some of the people who signed this petition:

"Dear …!

As an Israeli Stage director, playwright and translator it is not easy for me to say this: Thank you for signing this letter against Habima!

But I do it, because it wasn't easy for you, too, I am sure.

I hope some day humanity will win, on stage and in the world!"



Yeah, Ehud offered Arafat 95, 96, 97, 98% of what he asked for – hey who's that dude in this clip talking about 100%?!
—  Watch a series of TV clips attempt to explain what happened at Camp David.

this is jenin

Not in our name!

About refusing

Sign petitions!

Some articles in English of the Katz archiv (about the sloughter in Tantura)

ei – arts, music & culture

You want to know, where you stand politically?

Software for Windows

Please write to the refusers in the prisons of Israel! To get an up-to-date list, write to me!

I have a very sharp memory from the birth ceremony of my son midian, here in Israel : the old aunt Sonia came all the way from New York to be with us in this happy moment. She was than 99 years old, and her granddaughter Amy Goodman wrote something about her, when she died:

aunt sonia

more details about me

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