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Curriculum vitae

Name: Uri Shani   Address: Hahatzav 24, Kiryat Tiv’on 36531, Israel

Phone: +972-77-5401178   +972-52-3317154  e-mail:

I was born 1966 in Zurich, Switzerland

         –   Between 1982-1984  I was actor in the youth Theater of the High school

  • Between 1986 and 1988 I served my duty in the Israeli Army.
  • In 1988/1989 I leaded a jewish-arab youth group in Beer-Sheva, in connection with the youth movement “Reut-Sadaka”.
  • Between 1989 and 1992 I studied teaching and directing Theater in the Seminar Hakibbutzim college in Tel-Aviv.
  • In 1994/1995 I lived and studied Arabic in Cairo.
  • I’m married with Michal Shani and we have one child, Midian.
  • In 2000-2002 I completed my B.ed. at Seminar Hakubuzzim
  • From 2002 till 2008 I lead the “NEMASHIM”-project, now I lead the group of alumnis and make Forumtheater.
  • In September 2004 I travelled Germany for a teaching tour in Forumtheater.
  • In 2008 I
  • In 1985, after highschool and after a mission in the youth movement “Hashomer Hatzair”, I emigrated to Kibbutz Magen in southern Israel.
  • finished my M.A. at Haifa University.

I directed more than 20 plays, among them:

“Shelley” (an adaptation of “Ontological Proof of my Existance” by J.C.Oates) in Acco Festival 1992

  • “The lesson” (Ionesco), 1992
  • “What a wonderful youth” a Revue, Netanya 1993
  • “Shabat laundry” (Sinai Peter), Bet-Shemesh with a group of Theatrical Service Year, 1993
  • “The Caucasian Chalk circle” (Brecht), Bet-Shemesh, 1994
  • “A report to the academy” (Kafka), Kairo 1995
  • “Say me that you love me” (after R.D.Laing), Bet Zvi, 1995
  • “Once upon a time”, (Uri Shani), Nurit Katzir center, Jerusalem, 2000
  • “Let’s cooperate” a Forum theatre play, Acitivism Festival, 2003 and 2005
  • “The night of independence of Mr. Shefi”, Yaffa, 2006
  • SHATOF”, 2007
  • Memories from the return to Haifa(an adaptation of the novel by Gh. Kanafani)
  • "The Clowns' break" (by Noureddine Aba) Al-Midan Festival 2008
  • "Playing for Time" (adapted from Fania Fenelon) Hadera, 2009

I tought in several high-schools, at the Haifa University, at Seminar Hakibbutzim, at several drama schools, and since 2012 at the Open University.

I worked as a dramatherapist in

“Arazim” school, 1993

“Beit Hayeled”, orphan house, 1993

I played

  • In the first Israeli Playback group, since 1992, under the direction of Yehuda Bergman
  • The composer in “On five balconies”, Seminar Hakibutzim, 1990
  • The king Ah’av in “EAT” (Y. Shabtay), 2002
  • Arik in "Ela Hayay"
  • Many many more….

I wrote

  • “Kassandra”, Variation on a tragic theme, 1995
  • “A holy place”, (together with Burhan Sharaideh), 1998
  • “Einat”, based on a short story by Dorit Ben-Tovim,1999
  • “Once upon a time”, 1999-2000, based on three chapters of the Old Testament
  • “Dir Yassin (Tikkun)”, 2004
  • “Tom and Teissir”, 2006
  •  "The horse of the Mahdi, 2011
  •   Some short stories

I speak, read and write in Hebrew, German, English, French, Arabic, and translated plays from and to these languages.

I guided theater workshops in several frameworks

I produced plays in Seminar Hakibutzim and in Different high schools.

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